Please note that as of January 2013 I am no longer offering my Backbone training class on a regular basis. I have exited the consulting world in favor of a full time position working with Kendo UI as a Developer Advocate. While I will continue to be a part of the Backbone community with my new position, offering a private, on-site training class is not something I will be able to do right now. I may bring this back out at some point in the future, but I don't know when (if at all).

Course Costs And Pricing

The size of the class and how the training is delivered has a direct correlation to the cost.

On Site, Private Training

On site training allows me to get in-depth with your team, to better understand your goals, objectives and challenges. I will customize the course content specific to your team's skill set and technology stack.

  • $995 per attendee (5 person minimum) for 2 days
  • $295 per attendee for each additional day
  • + Travel
  • + Lodging
  • + Meals

Class Size

A class is best run with at least 5 attendees, and less than 15. This can vary depending on your situation, and the cost will vary as well. Please contact me to arrange for smaller or larger teams.

Included Support

I include up to 8 hours of additional support in the cost of private training, ensuring your team is not left to fend for themselves after the class.

Beyond the 8 hours, additional support and contracting is also available at an hourly rate. Please contact me for more information on my hourly rates.

Public Training & Online Training

Pricing for online and/or public classes is currently being worked on. If you would like to receive notification on the availability of classes, please sign up for the newsletter on the left.